Monday, May 31, 2010

addicted to Tee & Whiskey

Tee & Whiskey's gorgeous little clutch bags are going to be my end.  Can't wait!! Gonna get lots for the shop.  Sharing is caring!
P.s. the shop's name is Twenty Two.  There's gonna be all kinds of pretty things like this from July - Shop 15 Milpark Gallery. Woo Hoo!!

Mmmm... nice...

Pretty. Yummy. Loveliness.  I can just visualise my little size 3s looking really snuggly in here.  I'm salivating at the crochet detail on the broques and the demi wedge on the tan peep toe mid boot. Pictures courtesy of of .  Online shopping is the future. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

My favourite things...

This is Vie. Those are her favourite pants but sometimes they refuse to fit. Then she starves herself for a week or two then they fit again. Those are her favourite shoes too and they need polish but where do you get red polish from? They used to belong to some granny who sold them to a shop called Rags & Laces in Craighall where they then proceeded to accompany Vie out the store & never leave her side. Oh! and that cut off person to the left of the picture is her favourite person and he's wearing his favourite sweater which is made out of real Peruvian Lama wool or something. Wow! What a day this was.


Just testing how this all looks....
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