Thursday, June 24, 2010

B yourself

Beyonce does it again with the video for her new song "Why don't you love me?".  The song has a catchy old school flavour - very 60s 'Supremes' or Aretha Franklin which is right down my alley and SO her.  I was getting really tired of her trying to be this hardcore Lady Gaga behave-alike. You're an upper class southern belle B!! Just do what you do best. Let Gaga do all the spitting and swearing - it's just not your steeze! The video is my favourite. Although it's been met with mixed, if not negative reviews, by international critics, I think it's awesome.  Vanity Fair & all the likes can go fly a kite.  Love the styling! It's sexy & playful & authentic to the era, it has a very 60s playboy pin-up girl feel to it.  The whole video just made me wanna go put on a pair of hold up stockings, grab a feather duster & clean something the way she makes house-work & heartbreak look so glam.  Take a look below & form your own opinion if you haven't already seen it.  


Thursday, June 17, 2010


The internet is a fantastic place.  I stumbled on these old covers of the legendary Madonna & couldn't resist. Many think she's just that granny in the leotards with the oversized biceps who bought the black kid.  But they're wrong. She's not. She's iconic. She is the definition of "fierce".  We love Madonna til death do us part.  Not to even insinuate a comparison, but the Lady Gagas of this world have a long road to walk before they will ever deserve this kind of street cred.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I just found this picture that a friend had sent to me before I got a chance to see the actual issue.  This was my first individual full pager & I'm happy it was with Elle. Feel like it just set the standard. Can't very well go cavorting with the Moves of this world after this now can I?

design is all around us...

These 3 pictures are examples of design excellence & therefore, are things that get me out of bed everyday.
To my left you will see 2 beautiful pieces; the brown by Michael Kors & the studded, a gift bestowed on us all by The Talented Mr Louboutin. My best part is that their men's shoes. Where are the men that wear these shoes to be found, I ask?

In my never-ending search for store design inspiration I stumbled upon this picture.  It is the interior of a designer store in Tel Aviv called 'Delicatessen'. There is nothing not to love here.  The simplicity.  The effective use of colour.  The meeting of the old and the ultra modern. 

Once again, on my eternal quest for artistic inspiration, this picture of the Phillip Lim concept store in Seoul, South Korea landed on the tips of my fingers.  As blessed as I am to be from here, I wonder sometimes why I wasn't born on the opposite side of the world where I would have the good fortune of encountering structures like this daily.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Amidst all the magazine whoring that has been the last few months I made an appearance in the May issue of Cosmo.  The lovely Junior fashion editor Lilian caught this snap at some party at The Venue in Melrose (which I now hate & will never go to again because the staff there stole my phone last weekend).  Magazines are really irritating for the way they just like to get information wrong or make up information as they go along - its happened to me so many times, it really makes me doubt how much of what I'm reading in general is true.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Events like this make saving money a weird activity that super rich people with no style engage in. It's so nice to see designers collaborating through events like this where we can all have fun & be pretty & buy stuff.  And there's gonna be food & champers... sigh... what more does a girl need?
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