Thursday, June 24, 2010

B yourself

Beyonce does it again with the video for her new song "Why don't you love me?".  The song has a catchy old school flavour - very 60s 'Supremes' or Aretha Franklin which is right down my alley and SO her.  I was getting really tired of her trying to be this hardcore Lady Gaga behave-alike. You're an upper class southern belle B!! Just do what you do best. Let Gaga do all the spitting and swearing - it's just not your steeze! The video is my favourite. Although it's been met with mixed, if not negative reviews, by international critics, I think it's awesome.  Vanity Fair & all the likes can go fly a kite.  Love the styling! It's sexy & playful & authentic to the era, it has a very 60s playboy pin-up girl feel to it.  The whole video just made me wanna go put on a pair of hold up stockings, grab a feather duster & clean something the way she makes house-work & heartbreak look so glam.  Take a look below & form your own opinion if you haven't already seen it.  


1 comment

  1. Love it love it love it! It's so Solange, and i hear she wrote it? Bee looks yum!


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