Wednesday, June 16, 2010

design is all around us...

These 3 pictures are examples of design excellence & therefore, are things that get me out of bed everyday.
To my left you will see 2 beautiful pieces; the brown by Michael Kors & the studded, a gift bestowed on us all by The Talented Mr Louboutin. My best part is that their men's shoes. Where are the men that wear these shoes to be found, I ask?

In my never-ending search for store design inspiration I stumbled upon this picture.  It is the interior of a designer store in Tel Aviv called 'Delicatessen'. There is nothing not to love here.  The simplicity.  The effective use of colour.  The meeting of the old and the ultra modern. 

Once again, on my eternal quest for artistic inspiration, this picture of the Phillip Lim concept store in Seoul, South Korea landed on the tips of my fingers.  As blessed as I am to be from here, I wonder sometimes why I wasn't born on the opposite side of the world where I would have the good fortune of encountering structures like this daily.

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