Saturday, August 28, 2010

things that made me happy this week...

1. Bumped into this girl at the Glenhove Engen garage & had to take a snap of her. She looked so springy & fun! Loved the washed out denim onesey

2. These are the sandals she was wearing. Aren't they pretty. She got them at Pick n' Pay - yup u heard right (sssshhh! don't tell - its one of my best kept secrets) I've gotten so many great items there. 

3. Then on Tuesday I had a whole day lunch at 44 Stanley & bumped in2 my lovely friend Junia who gave me these cute badges.  I love hearts. And I love leather.  And I am OBSESSED with broches & badges.  She's selling them too in lots of different colours. 

4. Then on Wednesday whilst sitting at Bottega in Parkhurst for another whole day lunch I saw this very stylish delivery guy.  The picture doesn't do him any justice cuz I was trying to hide & take this picture inconspicuously but I LOVED his look.  Slim fit trousers, washed out All Stars, wife-beater & poor boy cap (well not exactly but for the life of me I can't remember what that particular hat is called right now). Not to mention - love men who carry heavy stuff on a hot day. Summer's gonna be so much fun.

5. Thursday was the My London Shopper Launch which was just lovely.  There were lots of beautiful amazing inspiring women there and it was so nice to see how the brand has grown since I first encountered & met Sindi over a year ago.

6. Bianca was dressed in the My London Shopper in-house brand & styled by Sindi.  She looked lovely. Sindi has such a beautiful eye.  She is one of the only people I would actually allow to shop for me.

7. This is the length that all pants should be. Always. Love the beautiful worn out broques too. 

8.  These roses are phenomenal.   They still make me happy.  Wonder where they got them. They are such a beautiful colour.

9.  This Norwegian Wood bodysuit made me the happiest & the saddest all at the same time.  It's one of the sexiest, most amazing, flawless clothing items I have ever worn.  I got it off Sindi's rail that day & had to have it.  Sadly, t'was not to be cuz it was a sample. My one is on the way tho. We will be reunited once again. Sigh.

10.  Milli looked very pretty in a Selfi dress designed by a wonderful lady named Celeste that I met at the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town.  I will be stocking her designs at Twenty Two.

11.  Pretty broques.

12.  And more pretty broques.

13.  There are so many things that are right in this picture.  I don't need to get into it but well done to Zanele Mji for a fabulous ensemble.  It makes me happy when girls pay attention to what they wearing & still manage to make it look effortless.

14.  This young man was wearing Simon & Deporres; an ultra suave Cape Town menswear label that's on the up & up in a big way.  Also available on  

15.  Dawood's layering made me happy. That's a Michael-Jacksonesque leather jacket under the printed jacket & those chinos are perfect cut.

16.  These shoes

17.  My friend Zaki went wild with  a few bobby pins & made my hair do amazing things. She's a wonder woman with hair. Wish she lived here. 

18.  This is Zaki, the same one who did my hair above. She came to my house in these teeny tiny shorts today looking bangin'!! Those legs... Dayamn!! She has legs to wake up at the crack of dawn & run for!!  She's gonna be performing tonight at Party People at OST.  That's where I'll be too. It'll make a good end to a great week. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Celebrate Life Magazine

 There is a very talented man named George ("Gorgeous George") Gladwin Matsheke who is responsible for Studio 83 Magazine (online) & another online magazine called 'Celebrate Life' Magazine that I discovered the other day.
Celebrate Life is a "Women's Creative Lifestyle Magazine" & as far as I can tell, the last issue was published in February 2010. Sadly there hasn't been one since but I just loved it. The articles are well written & insightful & its just a really lovely visual experience too.
Online magazines are an interesting concept - I wonder when they will really take off in this country though.  Nonetheless, it really makes me happy to see this level of attention to detail & creative boundary shifting happening around me and I was even more honoured to discover that I know many of the contributors personally & they are phenomenal people which just makes it even more awesome. This is definitely one point to the battle against mediocrity.
Well done George & the Studio 83 family.
Check out Studio 83 @ & Celebrate Life @


Friday, August 13, 2010

why don't i live in london?

I stumbled on these amazing inspiration pics in the Topshop A/W 2010 lookbook.  This particular collection is called "The Outsiders".
I love the old English countryside inspiration.  Tweed & leather, broques, jodhpur style pants, tan, rich, warm deep tones.  It's just delicious!!  Can't wait for Winter again.

This is the Topshop version of the bag shown above.   I found one just like this in my vintage trawls but it was sold instantly.  Kind of regret selling it now.

Love the canvas & leather combination & the way they are so true to the original masculine styling.  

Please can someone buy me this coat.. 


Thursday, August 12, 2010

why don't i live in Italy?

Please can someone tell me why I don't live in Italy!!
I borrowed this pic from The Sartorialist.
It was taken on the streets of Milano, Italy - one of my favourite cities. The last time I was there, I remember sitting on a street bench attacking a delicious lemon sorbet which was fast melting in the sweltering heat and just MARVELING at how everyone from ice cream vendor to garbage collector was beautiful.
There are few things in this world I love more than 'ink' (the colour - not the runny stainy stuff) and salt & pepper grey hair.
This man is the culmination of all my dreams in one.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Evolution of Fashion

So in case you haven't noticed - there is a definite shift in conventional retailing.  High fashion seems to be moving out of big mainstream malls to less conventional spaces; pop-up stores, street corners, rooftops overlooking the city, the internet, warehouses & of course even markets which were traditionally reserved for quirky arts & crafts.
I spent a lovely Sunday in the sun with some of my super style icon friends sippin' vodka & lime in plastic cups on the curb in front of the Handstyle tattoo parlour in Emmarentia where Kgosi & Maria were selling some of their lovely internationally sourced & vintage items. T'was a fine way to spend the afternoon & I bought a fab pair of shades & some other lovelies! Thanks boys & girls for a lovely time.  Can't wait for the next Fashion Evolution sale.
p.s. all these pics were taken with my phone. Pretty cool huh!


I love Maria's super pensive pose. 

Tiisetso's beautiful lace up leather booties had me ridden with shoe envy. What a stylish girl this one.  You can peep more of her fabulous wares & photographic ramblings on:


Sunday, August 8, 2010

clothes x friends x sunshine = fun

 I had the funnest day the other day with my 'besties' Nomi (left) & Thithi (right).  I was selling some of my vintage goodies at the Parktown North organic market & my friends, who knew I'd be tired & in need of company, came to join me.  They also purchased my 2 favourite items which, although heartbreaking, was cool because I perceive beautiful clothes as orphaned children in need of the perfect parents.  Therefore, I'll never give up one of my children to you if you aren't perfectly suited to each other & these 2 items definitely found the best homes (not to mention, in desperate times, I can still borrow them... hee hee!)
   Nomi wears a 1980s jailbird stripe original Jean Paul Gaultier zip up jacket & Thithi stole a piece of my heart that day when she purchased this floral print boyfriend style blazer. It's lightweight and frighteningly on trend for this Spring/ Summer and I was sad to see it go.  
Find out more about our escapades on:

Friday, August 6, 2010

V is for Vintage

I have an overwhelming fixation with all things from a previous era; vintage, classic, retro & just plain old.  The fabric quality & fit is just different. Better. The silhouettes are feminine, flattering & classic. There's just something timelessly sexy about a 1920s flapper dress that can't be achieved with a pair of liquid leggings & bubble top (extreme example I know but you get what I mean). 
Yesterday I went on a very successful vintage clothing trawl & managed to stumble upon some real beauties.  Its items like the ones below that make it all worthwhile.

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