Sunday, August 8, 2010

clothes x friends x sunshine = fun

 I had the funnest day the other day with my 'besties' Nomi (left) & Thithi (right).  I was selling some of my vintage goodies at the Parktown North organic market & my friends, who knew I'd be tired & in need of company, came to join me.  They also purchased my 2 favourite items which, although heartbreaking, was cool because I perceive beautiful clothes as orphaned children in need of the perfect parents.  Therefore, I'll never give up one of my children to you if you aren't perfectly suited to each other & these 2 items definitely found the best homes (not to mention, in desperate times, I can still borrow them... hee hee!)
   Nomi wears a 1980s jailbird stripe original Jean Paul Gaultier zip up jacket & Thithi stole a piece of my heart that day when she purchased this floral print boyfriend style blazer. It's lightweight and frighteningly on trend for this Spring/ Summer and I was sad to see it go.  
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