Saturday, August 28, 2010

things that made me happy this week...

1. Bumped into this girl at the Glenhove Engen garage & had to take a snap of her. She looked so springy & fun! Loved the washed out denim onesey

2. These are the sandals she was wearing. Aren't they pretty. She got them at Pick n' Pay - yup u heard right (sssshhh! don't tell - its one of my best kept secrets) I've gotten so many great items there. 

3. Then on Tuesday I had a whole day lunch at 44 Stanley & bumped in2 my lovely friend Junia who gave me these cute badges.  I love hearts. And I love leather.  And I am OBSESSED with broches & badges.  She's selling them too in lots of different colours. 

4. Then on Wednesday whilst sitting at Bottega in Parkhurst for another whole day lunch I saw this very stylish delivery guy.  The picture doesn't do him any justice cuz I was trying to hide & take this picture inconspicuously but I LOVED his look.  Slim fit trousers, washed out All Stars, wife-beater & poor boy cap (well not exactly but for the life of me I can't remember what that particular hat is called right now). Not to mention - love men who carry heavy stuff on a hot day. Summer's gonna be so much fun.

5. Thursday was the My London Shopper Launch which was just lovely.  There were lots of beautiful amazing inspiring women there and it was so nice to see how the brand has grown since I first encountered & met Sindi over a year ago.

6. Bianca was dressed in the My London Shopper in-house brand & styled by Sindi.  She looked lovely. Sindi has such a beautiful eye.  She is one of the only people I would actually allow to shop for me.

7. This is the length that all pants should be. Always. Love the beautiful worn out broques too. 

8.  These roses are phenomenal.   They still make me happy.  Wonder where they got them. They are such a beautiful colour.

9.  This Norwegian Wood bodysuit made me the happiest & the saddest all at the same time.  It's one of the sexiest, most amazing, flawless clothing items I have ever worn.  I got it off Sindi's rail that day & had to have it.  Sadly, t'was not to be cuz it was a sample. My one is on the way tho. We will be reunited once again. Sigh.

10.  Milli looked very pretty in a Selfi dress designed by a wonderful lady named Celeste that I met at the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town.  I will be stocking her designs at Twenty Two.

11.  Pretty broques.

12.  And more pretty broques.

13.  There are so many things that are right in this picture.  I don't need to get into it but well done to Zanele Mji for a fabulous ensemble.  It makes me happy when girls pay attention to what they wearing & still manage to make it look effortless.

14.  This young man was wearing Simon & Deporres; an ultra suave Cape Town menswear label that's on the up & up in a big way.  Also available on  

15.  Dawood's layering made me happy. That's a Michael-Jacksonesque leather jacket under the printed jacket & those chinos are perfect cut.

16.  These shoes

17.  My friend Zaki went wild with  a few bobby pins & made my hair do amazing things. She's a wonder woman with hair. Wish she lived here. 

18.  This is Zaki, the same one who did my hair above. She came to my house in these teeny tiny shorts today looking bangin'!! Those legs... Dayamn!! She has legs to wake up at the crack of dawn & run for!!  She's gonna be performing tonight at Party People at OST.  That's where I'll be too. It'll make a good end to a great week. 


  1. Zaki is magical. What? Your hair looked OFFICIAL wena! So sad to have missed the MLS launch, nx! Saying that you looked good would b stating the obvious (;

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  3. Thank you Miss Vie, what a gorgeous piece. The feeling is mutual. I can't wait to see your new shop, it is going to be wonderful. I know it. Watch out Joburg!! x x x x


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