Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ooh La La!! The sun is back...

So this is just a quick post to share my excitement over the lovely outdoorsey, fashioney weekend I'm about to have.  Gonna be at it again selling all the pretty things I can get my hands on alongside some of my good friends; Maria McCloy & Junia Tsekiso (and others) at DeerHunter in Greenside on Saturday 10th (135 Greenway Rd, Greenside) for the monthly junksale.  Then we're onto 44 Stanley on Sunday for the Spring Celebration where there'll be food, live music, liquor, fashion & lots of pretty arty people to talk about pretty arty things with.

On a sadder note, It sucks that I missed the monthly Pulchritude sale last weekend at the Parktown North market but I'm sure it was fabulous as usual and the Dirty Secret sale at their new sexy space in Jeppestown.  Sadly the next Pulchritude is only in a month but I hope Jamal & the gang can hook up another Dirty Secret soon!! I just also want to give a hi - 5 to all the young black visionaries out there who are doing all they can to represent the SA Fashion industry; Jamal Nxedlana; Milli B, Maria McCloy, Kgosi Leburu, Junia Tsekiso and anyone out there that I may not have mentioned or do not know.  Aluta Continua!!

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