Monday, November 1, 2010

reflections of loveliness...

I know it's been like 100 years since I blogged, I'm sorry.  As many of you may know, I'm opening up a new store in Braamfontein, JHB in a week so my life has been an absolute whirlwind trying to organise that and retain some semblance of life as I knew it.  With that said, I have managed to snap a few pics of the along the way & I wanted to share...

So I did a shoot for a well known fashion mag last week (I think...Gosh time is moving at a crazy pace) and Bronwyn styled it fabulously! This was the 50s beehive coiffe I had...

And this is the final outfit.

I spotted a lovely little Louis clutch casually lying around the change room... what a beaut!

This the nail colour I bought this week.  Essie's Summer collection.  It's awesome.  A 4-pack, very reasonably priced at only R139.95 and a nice selection of all the must-have colours this season.

My bf came back from NY and brought me a few gifts...these were my favourite!! He chose them all by himself.  Can you say... "keeper"!

U may not know this but I have a complete obsession with antique furniture and I recently discovered a few ERRMAZING antique spots & this particular piece just blew my mind! It's been refurbished of course. I love it!!  Really wanna buy it for the shop but it's WAAAAY outta my price range.

Oh wow!! That's all I can say.  I attended the Designer Boutique Show at Atlas Studios last week-ish and met some great new designers.  This here is the work of one lovely Amanda- Leigh O' Connel from her brand "Eponymous".  She produces her ENTIRE range out of leather; I'm talking skirts, shorts, BLOUSES... everything! If you know me you know how much I love leather so meeting this lady was like meeting my  leather-obsessed alter ego in the flesh! Find the rest of her designs here:

There were many other cool designers at The Show.  It's a great event & very necessary for the industry but sadly not very well attended or represented on the part of the designers.  With that said, wasn't amazing marketed either which might have exacerbated the situation.  I wish the organisers the best of luck though in growing the event and ultimately the trade show culture in South Africa.  It's not all about Fashion Week... there are so many other ways to get exposure as a designer & I support people who are working to make the industry as comprehensive & supportive as possible.

This is the fabulous magazine-buying boyfriend above in the tan deck shoes, shorts & blazer.  I loved this look.  Not just because it was on him but because it's a great look.  It screams of sophistication & old yacht-owning money.  Montle, the highly stylish guy next to him also looks fantastic.  It's so nice to see boys grow up and learn about tailoring.

This is me at the Koi launch in one of my favourite (leather) skirts!!

I got home from the launch buzzing on Red Bull and reflected on how much I love menswear (something else you may not know about me) so I decided to take some snaps of some nice male footwear (no prizes for guessing whose!).

Nom nom nom! I love broques!! Just love them.  And the colour of these makes me squirm with happiness.

I love the simplicity of the 2 pairs of shoes above, especially these Dior numbers directly above.  They're like male ballet slippers.

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  1. omg i just died. i looooove menswear. love it. i'm looking for a pair of boat shoes for my boy and the ones you posted are THE EXACT COLOUR i'm searching for! he doesn't dig them when they're brand new ie. country road (says he'll look like a chop) so i'm looking for well worn ones. heeeelp!


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