Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday at 70...

It's on again at 70 Juta next Saturday 5th Feb - we'll be soaking up the sun, drinking, shopping, admiring art, listening to music & generally having a blast.  If the last big do was anything to go by you don't wanna miss it!



I've never envisioned myself being one of those elaborate white wedding dress kind of girls.  In fact, to be perfectly honest, I've never even wanted a wedding or anything of that sort, I think they're over-priced & too labour intensive to organise, and in all honesty, can you really visualise me with an UP-DO??  HAHA!! The thought literally makes me cringe.  And then I found these beautiful pictures shot by Marina Danilova & designed by a brand named 'Papilio' on this site click here and started to reconsider my position.  They just remind me of that amazing scene in 'Sex and the City 1' where Carrie does the Vogue shoot in all those wedding dresses... my heart literally glowed for the duration of that scene so I suppose under the right circumstances, PERHAPS I could be swayed.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Scott Schuman... the man behind the camera...

I was so excited to find this video of Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist, world renowned fashion blogger who pretty much started it all.  His blog still forms part of my daily bread which is why I was completely devastated to find out that his newly published book, The Sartorialist, was sold out in EVERY Exclusive Books store in the country.   Anyway, this is a lovely little look into the man and his work and the things that make him tick.  Well worth the 7 minutes!


Just for fun...

Found this on thought it was cute and could come in really handy for all my fellow budget travel junkies.  Not that I actually wear or own a single hoodie but perhaps this is now a reason to buy one.


Monday, January 24, 2011

'Waste' is Good...

The genius doesn't seem to end with the Lanvin for H&M collection.  They've recently just launched a small new collection called "Waste" which, as the name suggests, has been created out of the left over fabrics from the production of the original collaborative collection.  It just ticks all the boxes; beautiful design, environmentally friendly & innovative.  Me likes a lot!


Backseat Vintage

 Some dresses only exist in dreams. This is one of them.  Red leather, ruffled collar, slightly off shoulder.  I would shorten the sleeves though but that's it.  I found this gorgeous number on  Great vintage clothing site AND they deliver to South Africa which is great! Now just hoping it'll still be there next week so I can order it!

Market on Main

 I spent yesterday at the Market on Main selling lovely clothes & accessories, catching up with friend & playing with cute babies that passed by. I really love what's happening to Joburg and the renewed interest & investment in the city.  A whole new sub-culture just seems to have blossomed and it seems as though everyone has welcomed it with open arms.  Yesterday was really a symbol of this as all types of people gathered in former-no-go-area Jeppestown. at Arts on Main soaked up the sun, drank wine, ate messy food, listened to live music & shopped up a storm.  The Market will be on every Sunday from 10-3pm so there's no need to despair if you missed it & Twenty Two will be there doing what we do best...

 This was one of the customers at our stall.  How cute are the pants she bought??

I can't get over this dress.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

blog love....

The TeamUncoolFashion blog is one of my favourite South African blogs.  Run by renowned photographer Chris Saunders, artist/DJ Murry Turpin and stylist Chris Wagner, it really is a creative collaboration like no other & a great resource for miscellaneous-cool-fashion-related-stuff.

The End.

Designer of the week....

I love high waisted pants.
Especially these ones by MiLi Jo.
Apologies if this seems like shameless self promotion (because they're sold at Twenty Two) but it really isn't.  This girl is talented & really has a handle on what young ladies are crying for out there.

I would get the whole collection if I could.
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