Thursday, February 3, 2011

How cool are these nails!!!  I first fell in love with black nail polish about 2 winters ago when it made a real come-back, then last winter was all about grey; every shade of grey imaginable from gunmetal to storm grey and everything in between.  And now I find myself completely enamoured with this look - matte & glossy black; the modern take on the French manicure.  Yummy!!! Think this going to be this winters' thing for me!  Found this pic here case you're wondering!


  1. OMG...I'm new to this blogging world, even though i opened my account about a year ago. I ust posted my blog and thanks to the new marie clare, I was able to follow you. What is so cool about this post is that I've decided to do a little challenge; posting pics of fun nail art everytime I do my nails. And this would definately be to die for... ***SHRIEK!!!*** BTW I really enjoy your blogs.cant wait to read more

  2. Thanks for the comment and welcome to the world of blogging!! send me your blog address - would love to check it out.




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