Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jozi: how do I love thee?... let me count the ways...

I was just all over the place this weekend & was reminded of how much I love the amazing city I live in.  First, it was Nonhle Thema's TV show launch, then Saturday on the Street-side shopping and listening to live music with friends at 70 Juta and lastly a full day at Market on Main (which is fast becoming my staple Sunday hangout).  There are so many reasons to love this city and here are a few of mine.

1. I love bumping into stylish people at lavish invite-only parties.

2. I love shopping on the streets of the CBD....

3. I love the fact that Joanna Claire jewellry designer extroadinaire has chosen to make JHB her home and can grace us with her design talents on a regular basis.
4. I love the different types of people that I meet on the street while shopping:-)

6. I love my friends and the way they make the steps of my store look so cool.

7.  I love leather pants (skirts, shorts, dresses & everything else)

8. I love my stall at the Market on Main... in fact I love the whole Market on Main. 

9. I love this dress by Christopher Strong.

10. I love cool boys with tattooes who buy leopard print undies.


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