Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cannes you deal?

I've finally recovered from the absolutely surreal 7 days I had last week in Cannes.  Please note that by "recovered" I mean, I'm finally cured from post-French Riviera- back- to- reality depression syndrome and am ready to continue with my chosen path in life.
There are no words to describe the sheer awesomery that is the French Riviera in Summer.  As I'm sure you can tell it was my first time there but certainly not my last; I will have to return to collect my soul which understandably refused to return with me.

So on day 1 we arrived & got invited to an exclusive Kanye West party & private performance.  Yes he was there.  And yes he performed for like an hour and half. And yes it was awesome.  Naomi Campbell, Leo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, Pharrel & Quincy Jones thought so too.

 Did I mention that Pharrel (my old friend from McDonald's Grayston) opened for Kanye so it was a double bonus.

The picture below is Jamie Foxx (who also just decided to jump on stage & help Kanye sing "Golddigger")

And there was Monaco...oh Monte Carlo...WHAT a beautiful city.  So clean and fabulous ...and empty.  Look at this picture.  There is NO ONE in the street because so few people ACTUALLY live there.

I really started to wonder why I don't have a yacht.... life just seems so much better on a yacht... sigh...

Look at the name of this shop that I'm standing in front of... (hee hee!)

Gosh! And the food.  Lawd!! Did we eat?? But what are holidays for right if not for gorging yourself on anything and everything delicious.
 These are my two lovely friends Sedi & Ivanka wearing locally designed dresses.  Can't remember the name of the designer right now but will get back to you on that.


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