Monday, July 11, 2011

Zanele Muholi Exhibition: Brodie Stevenson Gallery

On Thursday I went to the opening of the solo exhibition of Zanele Muholi at the Brodie Stevenson Gallery in Braamfontein.  I really don't want to sound like some kind of pseudo art fundi because I'm really not (I aim to be soon though) but I like the concept behind this exhibition.  It's called "Inkanyiso" which means "light" in Zulu (it's also one of my good friend's names even though he calls himself Kevin now).  Basically it's a visual commentary on the "complexity & fluidity of gender" and challenges our perceptions of gender roles using really beautiful portrait style photographs.  I liked it.  May not be your cup of tea but its certainly worth a look.  It ends on the 5th August. 

On another note: spotted quite a few very interesting, very stylish art types there but this is a picture of my friends Sthe and Thato.  Sthe is one of the owners of Fruitcake Vintage - one of my favourite little vintage stores in the CBD at Fashion Kapitol.  I love these two and their sheer dedication to looking well styled EVERYDAY. 

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  1. ive seen her work before.. good stuff. nice blog here//


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