Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spring has sprung...

I've always known that I am more partial to warmer climatic conditions but only this winter did I realise that it's so much bigger than a simple weather preference.  I in fact become COMPLETELY miserable & depressive in winter.  I literally lose my will to live.  Moving forward I think I'm just going to hibernate for the entire duration of that horrible season & emerging like a brand new flower bud only at the start of Spring - revivied, refreshed & ready to take on the world.  With that said, NO ONE is more excited than me that it is finally Spring & we can officially kiss the winter blues goodbye.  Moreover, I'm super excited about what's in store for us this Spring/ Summer fashion wise & thought I'd share some of my favourite trends/ looks with you.  As soon as I shed the excess winter layers it's game on!


70s inspiration - wide leg jeans

Wide leg pants, white, high waists

Sheer maxi skirt


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