Monday, April 30, 2012

apple country bistro

If you're looking for something to do on your public holiday, go check out the Apple Country Bistro in Muldersdrift (around there).  It's a nice drive - just out of town enough to make you feel like you've taken a real excursion but close enough to go just for lunch.  It's a quaint little family run homestyle bistro that I encountered a few weeks ago run by a glamorous young lady named Gwynne Conlyn & her brother Julius and daughter and son-in-law who is the chef.  The food is err-mazing and it's one of those places that has no menu because the menu changes every day.  Ok enough gushing... now for pictures.... And if you wanna make a booking go take a look at their fb page: 

This is Julius, he introduced himself to us by saying, "Ooh, you have wine, we drink wine a lot around here!"

Freshly picked rocket, blue cheese, fig & pomegranate salad.

Home-made liver pate with freshly baked rye bread

This is Gwynne (in the middle) and her daughter and the chef JP & his wife Kim.

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