Wednesday, September 12, 2012

East Village bar hopping...

My friend Nicholas (you know the foodie one I told you about the other day) took me on an East Village pub crawl on Friday night.  We started out at Black Market where we had the most PHENOMENAL burgers & half-price bloody mary's I have ever had in MY LIFE (no exaggeration).  Once the happy hour (4 hours) was over we headed to the somewhat random but lovely country style pub called Dock Holidays where I proceeded to dash my enormous whiskey shots with Budweisers (when in Rome)... an unlikely pairing I know but better than you'd imagine.  Our night ended with ice cold margaritas & burrito's at Benny's Burrito's - a stunning little side street restaurant filled with an eclectic mix of hipsters, foodies & neighbourhood locals.

This is a picture of the ceiling at Dock Holidays

This is Nicholas.


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