Friday, September 28, 2012

style spotting @ MartiniZA

I was pleasantly surprised last week when I arrived home from a really long day to find a lovely little package waiting for me... I obviously unwrapped straight away and found 2 bottles of Martini & 2 glasses waiting for me which was weirdly EXACTLY what I needed at that precise moment.  In the package was an invite to the Global Martini Royale Casting Competition cocktail & canapes session which I attended on Tuesday at Turbine Hall in Newtown.  It was really lovely & intimate & the cocktails were actually so yummy... I think I might actually start drinking this stuff on the regular cuz I had 5 cocktails (ssssh don't judge me!!) and was still able to string a sentence together afterwards... 

Pretty shoes in a pretty colour

I love this bangle

The lovely Camilla Geldenhuys ( @CamGildenhuys ) sporting a very sexy pair of patent leather Louboutins.... nice!

This is Steph Conner... if you somehow don't know her, she's an amazing photographer & a good friend & I absolutely love this African inspired shirt dress thingy she was wearing 


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