Friday, September 14, 2012

Sunglass Hut Inner Circle...

Yesterday afternoon I went to the Sunglass Hut Inner Circle launch lunch at Bliss (44 Stanley). I actually felt pretty special being invited because the vibe was super intimate with a sit down lunch at little tables of 4 and each chair had an awesome goodie bag with your name on it which I thought was a nice touch..

Other than all the beautiful people & yummy food, the point of the lunch was to launch Sunglass Hut’s new lifestyle website which is actually really cool. The best thing about it is that the contributors are made up of all our favourite local bloggers: MissMilliB, Thithi Nteta, Man Of Cloth & Miss Funi – which is really great ‘cause it’s like 4 for one deal & a one stop shop for all your fashion related content! You can sign up or “like” the page and win prizes etc and freebies are always cool. For the record, this is not a paid ad. Just my humble opinion. Go check it out though & make up your own mind!

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