Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The WKND Social begins...

Some of my good friends & I have been working on an awesome project for the last few weeks and all the hard work is finally starting to pay off as it all comes to fruition.  We're going to be hosting a monthly brunch party called The WKND Social where all the best people in Joburg (according to us really) will gather once a month to hang out, eat great food & sip cocktails & "champ champs" as my friend Thando likes to call it.  Other than just a frivolous gathering of really really ridiculously good looking people - I'm just excited about creating a platform where people can break bread & share ideas & really get to know each other in a fairly intimate setting all whilst listening to the music we ACTUALLY wanna hear when we go out (not all that other garbage we get subjected to on the daily)... sigh...
The first one is on the 20th October (in 10 days!! EEK!!!)... can't WAIT!!
This is a little clip shot and edited by Steph O' Conner; accomplished photographer & co-organiser of The WKND Social just to give a little taste of the fun times to come!


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  1. Amazing! Wow i was looking through this video and identifying these guys by name even though I have never met or even know them personally. It would be a dream for any young joburger to be in the wknd social.


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