Sunday, November 4, 2012

Givenchy Dahlia Noir x Marie Claire

I had the good fortune of attending the launch of the newest version of Givenchy's Dahlia Noir fragrance hosted by Marie Claire on Thursday night.
The actual fragrance is really lovely and will be a great addition to my Summer wardrobe.  I'm not a floral fragrance kind of girl at all but it has a nice balance of fruity and citrus freshness to not be nauseating and thanks to the generous lads from Givenchy, I now own a bottle so will definitely be using it if Summer ever actually decides to start.  The event itself, in true Marie Claire fashion, was a very delicate intimate affair with a black & white dress code, which, set against the backdrop of the piercingly white walls of the Krut Gallery in Rosebank, worked really well. Ok so now it sounds like I'm trying to be some kind of expert event crit but I'm really not.  I just believe in giving props where props are due so well done to all those involved!

Marie Claire Beauty editor Mathahle Stofile looking ultra chic as usual in Christopher Strong

The effortlessly stylish Miss Kelly Fung

Quilted skirt

I love this blouse worn by @Missmillib

Red lips & rose gold.

Mini cheesecake squares topped with caviar... so yum!

Family Portrait


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