Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunglass Hut does it again!

I love sunglasses.  In fact, it's bigger than love. I actually have a condition... a compulsion of sorts.  I own 28 pairs of sunglasses across a spectrum of brands and shapes and have succeeded over the years in convincing myself that I have a medical condition that requires me to wear shades at ALL times (in natural light of course... I'm not one of those dark shades in the club types... but I kinda wish I was but that's another story all together).

With this said, I had never even BEEN into a Sunglass Hut until early this year.  They've just kinda blown up on the scene in the last few months & I must say, I'm kinda liking what I see.  I went to the Inner Circle launch a few months ago where they were launching their new website & on Thursday they did it again!  I ended up buying a GORGEOUS pair of limited edition Pradas.  I'm totally broke now but I'm literally sleeping with these things on so it's fine.

@Sandiso_N looking super skinny & fab in his TopShop... umm... treggings?

The beautiful @Akona1

Kuli Roberts on that 'Breaking Dawn' swag

The talented Toya de Lazey

@KirstyGRAZIA 's awesome neckpiece


Spikey shoulders are hot.
I wish I'd bought these shades too. Prada.

Love this outfit

Rose gold x Neon

I can't believe I took this pic! How gorgeous is this girl?

Hey! That's me! 

And these are my new shades! 


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