Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WKND Social loves food - 17/11

I know this is not a food blog but in preparation for the WKND Social this weekend, I joined our resident foodie Thando ( for a tasting of the specially curated menu at our new venue which we are SOOO excited about.  We took some pics whilst we were there.  These are some of the items that'll be served on the brunch menu. I'm atually getting hungry all over again. 
If you still need tickets click here:
The brunch will be held at our very special new inner city venue (hint.. the place just opened a month ago) after which, shuttles will take all the guests back to the day party at Puma Social Club.  It's gonna be fun times!



  1. WOW! that is all

  2. Yummy, this all looks very good!


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