Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ride or die...

Today I was filing through my Facebook profile looking for a picture of myself… "in my youth" that someone had requested when I got side-tracked & instead took an hour long journey down memory lane.  What caught my eye the most was the ridiculous amount of hairstyles I've had over the past few years (some more…um… aesthetically pleasing than others) and moreover, how many damn pictures I have with my friend Thithi.  I've known this lady for some time now & as I looked through the pics I thought about what an amazing journey it has been.  She is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting people I have had the good fortune of knowing: loving yet aloof, funny & infuriating, spontaneous yet controlled, strong & charming & shy & scary (at times) – a true woman of the times.  If friends are the family you choose, she has turned out to be one of the sisters I never had.  Anyway, my intention is not just to drone on about the multiple virtues of my friend (because then we'd be here or weeks) but rather to reflect on friendship as a whole.  As someone who didn't have sisters & grew up mostly in male company,  female friendships have always been an enigmatic concept that I coveted but couldn't seem to attain in their purest form.  What I have learnt this year is that, although they can often be complicated and burdened by the usual emotional parasites (jealousy, backstabbing, deceit etc.) once you find female friends, or even one friend, who meets your expectations of what a friend should be, there is a very profound emotional plane upon which women operate that results in a level of intimacy that is unparalleled by even romantic relationships.  As per usual, at this time of year (as my birthday approaches) I always get a bit reflective about the year that was and the relationships that I had, both romantic & platonic, and I can honestly say that this has been a particularly good year for friendship and I hope that next year will see me developing more of my existing friendships and perhaps even opening the doors to some new ones:)   
Ok. That's all.


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Topshop is a bow wow!!!

This is what I wore to THE WKND SOCIAL this past Saturday at MOAD in Maboneng.  Everyone said I looked super conzo which is great because that is EXACTLY what I was going for.  
This kimono is my newest & favourite addition to my wardrobe! I'm actually just all over anything sheer and/or lacy right now.  
#TheNewMe #2014 #FashionIsOutStyleIsIn #TopShopSA #girlslovetoshop #ConzoIsCool

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

my latest obsession!!

Who knew something as simple as wearing the same colour from head to toe could be so glorious?!?


Thursday, October 17, 2013

what happens in Vegas...

... gets posted on this blog:-)
I know this is a bit of a throwback post.  I just got too carried away with life to write about my recent trip to Vegas.  No - I was not eloping... I went to the Magic/ Project trade show in August which was such an awesome gathering of international industry folk and a really inspiring trip for me being a former boutique owner turned trend forecaster.  There were so many great brands exhibiting - like rows and rows & more rows of great clothing & accessory brands, suppliers, manufacturers, designers, bloggers and the likes and I walked away with a fresh wind beneath my wings & lots of new contacts that I plan to make the most of in the near future! 


Sunday, October 13, 2013

how to dress for a music festival...

I wish I'd read a blog post on this very subject matter before heading to the 'Rocking the Daisies' festival in Darling last week.  It would have saved me the healthy dose of hypothermia I got and would have saved my formerly fresh white All Stars which, will literally NEVER be the same again.  With that said, the title of this post is a bit deceptive because I'm not actually going to give a list of festival 'dos & don't' - just gonna show you some pics of people I thought got it right. 

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