Monday, January 21, 2013

Buenos Aires (Part 2)

The last of my visual memories... after 2 weeks back in the fray, these images seem so distant & surreal to me... sigh... c'est la vie I guess!

The ferry we took from Buenos Aires to Uruguay... 

Street Art

I see you!

I encountered this beautiful little shoe boutique in Palermo called La Leopolda that stocked the most delicious buttery leather sandals & wedges, obviously I got a pair, & had a fat chat with the co-owner who luckily spoke English & told me the store was owned by him & his girlfriend who designs & MANUFACTURERS all the shoes!  Sometimes I miss my store for moments like that...  I would have placed an order instantly but alas!  

Mate, as we learned, is like the national drink... it's not what it looks like... it's just tea if you were wondering.  We met an awesome Columbian girl named Daniella one day at the harbour & she invited us to have some 'mate' with her & her friends.  It took me a really long time to wrap my head around the concept of us doing nothing but drinking tea but it's actually yummy stuff so thanks Daniella...x

The San Telmo market in BA, which happens on Sundays, is the BIGGEST, fullest market I have EVER seen in my life.  Think Green Market Square in Cape Town but on a 5 block radius! It just never ENDS.  We walked around endlessly in the scorching heat but it was fantastic.  Each stall was different & original & interesting & we couldn't walk a metre without stopping to touch or taste or 

Old men gesticulating! 


Monday, January 7, 2013

Buenos Aires (Part 1)

Every December, after another gruelling year, I vow to myself that I'm going to "take it easy", "have a quiet New Year", "re-group" blah blah blah & inevitably after 4 days of "re-grouping" the travel monster hits me again, my nomadic nature rears its ugly head & I find myself frantically packing at 2am the night before an 8am flight to some arbitrary location (i.e. the cheapest flight possible at the time).  
So.... that's pretty much what I did this year.... and the destination was Buenos Aires. And it was cool.  More than cool actually... it was... unforgettable.  

Wardrobe workshopping the night before... 
It's really important to stay refreshed on the flight.
Street Art

Pretty bags at the Plaza Francia market in Recoleta... I bought the black & cream one... could've bought them all. 

This is a real picture. That I took. Of a real person.... how bizarre.... 

Yours truly :-*

A good ol' Argentinian steak with a soft boiled egg & yummy creamy saucy stuff....

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