Monday, April 22, 2013

The Talented Mr Jacobs...

Can't wait to see Marc Jacobs in his silver screen debut film, "Disconnect".  I fell asleep halfway through the trailer but I'll watch it just to see this part. 

Here's the rest of the trailer: 


Friday, April 19, 2013


So now that SA fashion week is said & done, I took it upon myself to sift through all the runway show images & kind of summarize the newest key trend messages for SS13 as shown by our local designers (bearing in mind that there are constants like african prints, embellishment etc).  It's taken me a week & I'm sorry about that but I hope it makes it easier for you. Enjoy!

1. TROPICAL - this is a big theme being overseas too so prepare get your print on!

2. Contouring - This was really just from Tiaan Nagel's show but it's a really exciting move from the angular shoulders we've done to death now.  Hope to see a lot more of this.

3. Monochrome - Black & white errthang!!

4. Peplums - peplums & more peplum... sigh... moving right along...

5. Geometric prints - loved Black Coffees prints - so exciting & look forward to seeing a lot more of that.

6. Shift dresses

7. Colour blocked & fabric blocking - specifically on the chest.
 8. Sheer - this ain't going nowhere! We're still gonna be seeing lots of undies next season..

All images by:
Simon Deiner / SDR Photo

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sawubona! *waves*

If you haven't been on a plane lately you may not have seen the new Sawubona Magazine (the SAA in-flight magazine) which has had the most AMAZING make-over thanks to the team from Ndalo Media who have recently taken over the publishing.  I am very proud to have been featured in the first issue of the new-look mag & I encourage everyone to get their hands on it.  I believe it can actually be purchased, like, where other magazines are purchased but if not, you can download the first issue for FREE online here


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Couples: Chillin with The Lloyds!

I had lunch the other day with another one of my favourite Joburg couples & very good friends; Thithi Nteta & Dylan Lloyd.  As previously mentioned (in my last happy couples post ) I love love. And I love happy couples. Especially stylish ones who look in sync but casually unplanned.   
So instead of just posting pics this time I thought I'd get them to answer a few questions & let us in on what it's like to be a nauseatingly happy, stylish, cool, urban (lol! I hate that word), totally freakin' awesome couple.  Enjoy! 

1. How long have you guys been together?
T: We have been together for 6 months and friends for over a year
D: We have been together for 6 months , 2 weeks, 4 days, 18 hours & 3 mins. But courted her for a year.

2. What are your non-negotiables in a partner? 
T: - Lying, lack of passion  and ambition, no sense of style
D: - Shallow personality, Dishonesty, Bad weave

3. Do you guys (ever) intentionally coordinate your looks?
T: Hehe... No. But I always like to see what he is wearing so that we aren't out dressing each other. Lol!!
D: Yes, from our undies to our socks, Jokes. It's important for me to look good next to Thithi, else I'd be ignored as if I were never born. Nah, we're a reflection of each other. She's always looking fly, so I gadda be her mirror.

4. @Thithi: Why Dylan?  Dylan is my friend and I really care for him and his well being. 
T: I want the absolute best for him and he is always in my prayers because I don't just love him, I care about him immensely. Also he has a good sense of style and is crazy funny 
@Dylan: Why Thithi?
D: In 3 words, a mazing soul! It's because she's intelligent, principled, ambitious, deadly funny, awkward (I love this) and mad trustworthy. A true friend who I respect with every organism in my body. + she's flyer than all dem other itches. 

5. Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Or any other relationship orientated events (anniversaries etc) And why?
T: I think we celebrated Valentine's day because it happened to fall on our date night... I could be wrong. We celebrated our 6 month anniversary. Personally the reason why I want to celebrate my anniversary with Dylan is because I am really happy and want to be reminded by something as lame and cheesy as an anniversary that being this happy in a relationship doesn't always happen.
D: I don't really celebrate valentines but I did this year. Went mad kitsch & cheesy, did the fake rose, singing card and teddy bear, and an oversized coffee mug. Best R100 I ever spent at the traffic lights. Anniversaries? Mad important to reinforce the reasons why we're together and love each other. Par cor to that!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Online Shopping: Bow Beep

Last week I got a mailer reminding me about the accessories sale on Bow Beep and decided to spoil myself with a few little goodies.  Firstly, y'all KNOW how obsessed I am with online shopping (or do you?... hmmm... did I ever get around to doing those posts?) and this was one of the good ones so I will definitely be going back. I got myself a notepad & some cute button paper clips *air-punch* (I am also a little bit of stationery fiend) & 2 pretty necklaces. 
The website is really easy to navigate, payment is easy & I ordered on Wednesday late afternoon & had the goods delivered TO MY DESK on Friday morning for a measly R35 delivery charge.  Oooh!! and did I mention how pretty the packaging is... 

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