Friday, April 19, 2013


So now that SA fashion week is said & done, I took it upon myself to sift through all the runway show images & kind of summarize the newest key trend messages for SS13 as shown by our local designers (bearing in mind that there are constants like african prints, embellishment etc).  It's taken me a week & I'm sorry about that but I hope it makes it easier for you. Enjoy!

1. TROPICAL - this is a big theme being overseas too so prepare get your print on!

2. Contouring - This was really just from Tiaan Nagel's show but it's a really exciting move from the angular shoulders we've done to death now.  Hope to see a lot more of this.

3. Monochrome - Black & white errthang!!

4. Peplums - peplums & more peplum... sigh... moving right along...

5. Geometric prints - loved Black Coffees prints - so exciting & look forward to seeing a lot more of that.

6. Shift dresses

7. Colour blocked & fabric blocking - specifically on the chest.
 8. Sheer - this ain't going nowhere! We're still gonna be seeing lots of undies next season..

All images by:
Simon Deiner / SDR Photo

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  1. Love the post, great inspiration here


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