Thursday, June 27, 2013

Out of the darkness....

Dealing with emotional situations is not my strength.  I'm one of those "solutions-based" types that prefers to just get on with it & move onto the solution than internalize all the gooey emotional stuff.  The problem is, when a situation arises that doesn't present a possible solution, my core skill set becomes null and void, I feel a little out of my element & I tend to just retreat within myself. 

With that said, after a month of silent brooding & mourning, I am finally ready to talk about what I have been going through over the past month... 
exhales deeply...  
My camera was stolen about 6 weeks ago at an event I was hosting and I have been totally devastated about it.  When I say devastated, I literally mean; shattered, detroyed, hurt, demotivated, disillusioned and just generally pissed off at the fact that someone would have the audacity to steal a large camera, MY camera, at a fairly intimate event.  Then came the giant LC (loser complex) with his BFF, self deprecation in tow.  Amidst all of this epic wallowing I couldn't bring myself to even look at this blog let alone post anything because it was just too painful a reminder.   
But now I am done.  I have made peace with the fact that my baby has most likely settled into her new home in some badly lit Bree Street store and we will never meet again.  We saw some good times together but it's time for me to move on now. And I am going to do just that.  
A bientot mon ami!



  1. Hey Vie!

    I've never understood the concept of taking ownership of something that isn't yours!My biggest condolences to you-I can relate to the bond you have with your camera!Please continue blogging-I love your content and how your personality comes across! I just want to remind you that what comes around goes around-and whoever stole your camera will have to account for their actions!

  2. Hi Vie

    I've been wondering where have u been. Good to have you back sorry about your baby though when something like that happens to me I just tell myself I'll get a better one which normally does happen.Keep your head girl

  3. You guys are so sweet... thanks for the empathy... it is much appreciated. It's all good tho... what doesn't kill u makes you stronger right?!?


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