Friday, July 12, 2013

my beloved alter-ego...

I have a bit of a schizophrenic style personality which I had hoped would mellow out by the time I started nearing the-big-3-0 but it actually seems to be quite the opposite.  In reality, my taste has only become MORE volatile & undecided as my portfolio of social & professional roles increases.  
And then, as if I need anymore confusion in my life, I stumble upon THIS girl, who is literally my fashion alter ego.  Her name is Victoria Tornegren and, besides being an ultra cool Swedish blogger, she is also just perfection.  Her look is everything I love to look at but could never actually be in real life unless I died and was reincarnated into a super skinny tall lanky Swedish girl.  Until then, I'll just die a thousand silent deaths as I browse her personal style blog.  You can die with me if you click here .


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The boys of bread & butter

I had intended to go to the annual Bread & Butter Trade Show in Berlin this year but due to unforeseen circumstances and the fact that I will be traveling for most of next month I couldn't make it.  That didn't stop me however from stalking every B&B related web post & subsequently suffering from the worst case of FOMO imaginable to man which I am going to be progressively sharing with you over the course of this week.  I thought I'd start with some pics of well dressed boys because, there is ACTUALLY nothing better than a well dressed man... so in the words of Mamakashaka... "FEAST!"

*slow clap*

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