Thursday, September 26, 2013

Why you have to be at THE WKND SOCIAL this Sunday!

When people ask me what THE WKND SOCIAL is, I often feel a bit shy about saying "It's the best f*cking party you can go to in Joburg & if you don't know by now what it is you should go crawl back under the rock you've been under for the last 12 months"...  so I don't say that.  I give the generic, bio-type response and hope they'll pick up the subtle nuances between all the enthusiastic adjectives eg, "awesome", "amazing", "crazy fun" blah blah blah... so yeah... Sunday is gonna be all those things & if you are into having the most fun you can have with your clothes on in a confined space - you should be there.   Oh and I almost forgot , Dreea, a bad-ass lady DJ from 'eVe without Adam' will be gracing our decks all the way from Berlin (one of my favourite European cities) so it is definitely one NOT to be missed!


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