Thursday, January 9, 2014

Marc Jacobs x Miley Cyrus... sigh... whatever...

Not happy about the Marc Jacobs x Miley Cyrus SS14 collabo.  Don't get me wrong, I love Miley as much as the next pop culture vulture but she just doesn't feel like a good fit for this particular collection.  They tried to make her look all "dark & twisty" (in the words of Meredith Grey) when she's actually all "pop-py & twerky" and it all just seems really contrived.  It's as if Marc & the gang were playing a game of "pin the tail on the donkey with the most twitter followers" and "tag!!" she was it! You wonder why they didn't just use Cara Delevigne who did a fab job modelling in the runway show AND is a well loved "it" girl in her own right. 
Not to compare (but yes to compare); you then have the glorious Balmain & Ri-Ri collabo on the other side of the spectrum which is just glorious… did I mention how glorious it is?!?!!!! I am actually not a Ri-Ri fan (#TeamBey) but this collaboration just FEELS like it was written in the stars.  It is glaringly obvious that Ri-Ri is not only the face of the campaign but the muse and the inspiration for the collection which makes it that much more perfect.  
So, what have we learnt from this "tale of two Designers" kids? Brands need stop thinking that just sticking a famous face on things will automatically make them sell.  I mean in all honesty, the sales of the SS14 collection will probably not be hindered in the slightest by the use of Miley's face but there are some consumers, such as myself, that value brand authenticity and credibility and once a brand demonstrates that it could lack these vital characteristics, you can count me out! 
Anyway, here are some pics so you can make up your own mind!

Miley looking all emo & stuff
Some shots from the collection...

Enter Ri-Ri... 


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