Monday, January 13, 2014

The fetch-est movie ever!!!

I am so excited about it being the 10th Anniversary of 'Mean Girls' this year; the timeless classic cult movie written by Tina Fey & starring La Lohan, Rachel McAdams & Amanda Seyfried.  I caught it on TV randomly on Friday night & got so excited (yes, that's my life now - couch bound on a Friday night).  If you have never watched this flick you should log off the internet RIGHT NOW & head to the closest DVD store and watch it, THEN, and only then, may you may continue reading.  
I remember watching this film for the first time shortly after its release in 2004 and thinking that this is what all us 80s babies who grew up reciting Clueless quotes had been waiting for since 1995. I related especially with Lindsey Lohan's character in the film because she reminded me of a younger version of myself arriving in South Africa in 1999 after having spent the greater part of my formative years in Dakar, Senegal.  Coming back to an all-girls school in "the big city" was like landing on a whole new planet in the middle of a civil war.  There's a part in the film where a random song comes on the radio & Cady, Lindsey Lohan's character is asked by Regina (Rachel McAdams) 

Regina: Cady, do you even know who sings this?

Cady: Um... The Spice Girls?
Regina: I love her. She's like a Martian!

That was how I felt for A WHILE; like a martian of sorts.  I remember my friends asking me if there were malls "where I came from" and looking at me in horror when I responded by saying that there wasn't a single mall & we used to go on desert walks for fun.  
Learning to navigate "girl politics" and get up to speed with who & what was "hip & happening"  after a childhood of blissful seclusion was like taking a 6 week crash MBA course but I survived & here I am, unscathed and definitely a little stronger.  
So Happy 10th Birthday "Mean Girls" - thanks for the free "education" and for the endless hours of laughter I have enjoyed at your expense.  

Ooh, I almost forgot!! I stumbled upon this Mean Girls inspired jewellery collection by LA based label Stella & Bow which is so cute.  Took me right back to being in Std 4 (grade 6) swopping friendship bracelets with my main chicks!! Haha!! The folly of youth! 



  1. MY ABSOLUTE FAVE. Yes I wrote in CAPS!!!

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