Thursday, October 22, 2015

#Represent698 : What Ricky Rick, Nicci St Bruce and Nonku Phiri Have In Common...

Let's just start this post off by stating explicitly that I am NOT a sneaker-head and am in no way attempting to misrepresent myself as such, HOWEVER, I AM a girl who likes nice design, comfortable shoes and catchy marketing campaigns (I really do like catchy marketing campaigns).  When I spotted this poster a week or 2 ago at one of the major sports stores I was immediately filled with a mix of genuine curiousity and heartfelt pride, you know kind of how we all felt when we heard Trevor was going to be hosting The Daily Show... there were some who didn't even know what TDS was but were still super excited for him that he had "made it".  I am not trying to name drop (I know, I'm still doing it in the process) but I've known 'Ricky Rick' for a while now and it's exciting to see how his career has catapulted over the years to this point where I now find myself walking past a giant poster of an international sneaker brand campaign and "whoop, there he is!".  On a broader scale, it also just generally excites me when international brands demonstrate support for local artists/ creatives or influencers and give them the credit (and hopefully the paycheck) they deserve.
So long story short, after seeing the poster I contacted PUMA's PR team to find out more about the campaign and what it was about and found out that Represent698 is not just about Ricky and is actually a dynamic mix of interviews, video, imagery and social media activity, capturing moments in a couple of local creatives' lives (like: Jack Parow, Nonku Phiri, Das Kapital, Rolo Rozay) as they explore what it means to "represent"... while wearing PUMA’s iconic Trinomic R698 of course (which is pretty nice too!)
Anyway, I've since been invited to the launch (kinda) of this campaign which takes place on the 13 November at Bassline in the form of an exclusive concert featuring some of these artists on the line-up.  I'm very excited and fully intend to be front and centre! I'm also going to be giving away 5 double tickets to the event on my Twitter and Instagram Page over the next couple of days! All you have to do is @ me & use the hashtag #Represent698 to win
Oh, one more thing... there's a series of short videos out too featuring all of these artists - here's one
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