Friday, October 7, 2011

'Clueless' circa 1995

It sounds extremely hyperbolic to say that the movie 'Clueless' literally defined who I am as a person today but it really really did! I caught it on TV today and watched it in wide eyed amusement for the 46th time in my life. Yes, I said 46 times! It's really that good. Considering what a giant cringe the fashion of the 90s generally is - this movie was perfectly on point in the fashion department.  This was where, at 10 years old (or so), I first caught wind of the talented Tunisian designer Azzedine Alaia and fell in love with knee high socks, plaid & itty bitty backpacks.  One could even argue that the first time I saw this movie was the beginning of my long & unrequited love affair with all things fashion.  Who knows? What I really want to know is, does the computer that can coordinate your clothes actually exist yet in real life and if so, why don't I have one? 


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