Wednesday, September 22, 2010

busy busy busy... (part 1)

The saga that was my life this week started with the Marie Claire Prix d' Excellence de la Mode Awards which was a spectacular event held at the Circa Gallery in Rosebank.  I don't regularly just gush about these events but it was such a surprisingly unpretentious gathering of fashion veterans, insiders & future wave-makers that I feel its worth a lengthy mention. The theme of this year's awards was "the business of fashion", which is a subject that is particularly close to my heart as I have literally dedicated my life to this as a buyer and now, as a soon-to-be-boutique-owner.  What many local designers seem to forget is that creative & commercial growth are siamese twins conjoined at the heart.  What's the point of having all these marvellous design concepts if you can't afford to buy the fabric to actualize the designs?  Why do so few local designers have stores (and yet they are able to spend the R20 000 plus that's required to put on one show at fashion week)? And moreover, why do so many talented designers struggle at the mercy of  unscrupulous, un-skilled & dispassionate boutique owners just to make a living? These are recurring questions in our industry, questions which I can only hope, will soon be eliminated from the forefront of our popular rhetoric.
It's thanks to events like this that honour, applaud & highlight true progress in fashion that I am proud to be a part of this growing and exciting industry.  
Ok enough about all that now. Let's talk about....

Lucilla Booysen. What a lovely, interesting lady! Had the opportunity to have a little chat with her and SA fashion should be so grateful to have someone like her on its side.  #stolenpicture

Congrats to Silver Spoon Clothing for winning the "Business Savvy Emerging Designer Award".  I had, earlier this year asked Silver Spoon to stock Twenty Two because I just LURRRVE their clothes but they couldn't because of my store location being too close to one of their other stockists however, luckily I've now  moved so we could be seeing some Silver Spoon goodies gracing our rails soon!  
082 071 5315

Felipe's outfit was iconic!!! I just love the "Manxi" skirt and the Clive Rundle 'lapelle scarf' thingy (I have no idea what to call it).

Jenny Andrews is so cool & also SOOO interesting.  When I grow up remind me to be as fun as her.  We had a lot of champagne fueled giggles that night. What a beautiful #stolenpicture 

And finally.... the venue.  One of the most beautiful buildings in our city.  


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